Outsourcing Solution

Outsourcing a company’s work is a huge decision. With concerns like quality, timely delivery, data confidentiality, communication gaps, cultural differences reflecting in the design, changing client’s specifications and support for when something unexpected happens, makes this a challenging task. At Intellectual Bunch Ltd.

we understand these concerns and believe that having effective communication channels, project planning and monitoring are very important to make this relationship successful. Keeping our partner updated at every stage of development is important for us as the partner is the real face in front of the client, and therefore, when a client wants an update or most commonly, changes specifications, we want our partner to be confident in giving realistic deadlines and cost estimations to the client.

We believe that our success is in the success of our partners, therefore we never compromise on any aspect while doing the development work. Confidentiality is another aspect we take very serious, for a startup, confidentiality about the work getting developed and time to market are two important aspects that determine its success. We fully understand that and always look out for the interests of our partners first.