Specialty Websites

At intellectual Bunch Ltd, we realize the difference between having technical skills to develop a site and having domain knowledge in a particular area to give the site user a smooth sailing experience to retrieve the required information. Having firsthand knowledge and expertise in the field of education, healthcare and e-commerce, we not only offer our clients technical expertise but also share our domain knowledge to make technology work our clients.

We have expertise in developing e-commerce websites on platforms that suit our client’s needs and budget. With emphasis on ultimate user experience in designing e-commerce sites, we aim to provide the prospective site users an addictive experience when shopping and interacting with the site owners.

When it comes to developing websites for Educational Institutions or Healthcare providers, we emphasize on a 3 click rule for effective information retrieval. It is also important in developing these sites to understand the target users and geographical locations, hence, the pre development phase in these projects are extra important in capturing the requirements and developing the contents that the clients want.