Web and SaaS applications

Having a first-hand experience of launching our own ventures in healthcare and education sectors, we can provide tried and tested web and SaaS applications to our clients to simplify and reduce cost of their IT infrastructure, to streamline the processes and to increase employee’s productivity. We can assist enterprises in providing HR, Accounting, Training/Learning Management systems and bespoke solutions to optimize processes in educational and healthcare organizations. Cloud-based solutions replace hardware-based solutions on cost and their scalability to multiple sites.

This brings connectivity amongst scattered teams while keeping hardware costs to a minimum. With the advent of 4G and cheap broadband packages, these cloud based solutions can be delivered anywhere at an uncompromising quality. For a business, delivery of accurate information to its partners and clients not only increases employee’s productivity but also improves the end user experience. Drop us a line if you want to know what Intellectual Bunch Ltd. can do for your organization!