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Solutions for solicitors, mediators and law firms

Keeping in view rapid access to data and the importance of keeping history of all the communication and correspondence pertaining to a case in legal domain, we have developed easy to use solutions for solicitors and mediators in keeping their case data at one, easy to access and secured place for rapid retrieval.

  • Case Management for solicitors

  • A web based case management system with dynamic data entry form and correspondence template builder, enabling the case management system to be targeted to different types of case matters (commercial law, family law, personal injury etc). With a built in email client and elaborated history keeper, user can view all the correspondence log including emails, letters, phone records and appointments in chronological order.

  • Case management for mediators

  • A web based case management system for mediators to keep record of assessments with the involved parties, along with correspondence generated though the system. The system tracks the different stages of case progression and also allows for different mediators to co-mediate and share case details via the system.

Salient Features

  • Secured

  • Hosted on ISO 27001 compliant servers, your data is safe and backed up daily for added safety and peace of mind.

  • Web based

  • Available everywhere and across different platforms. All you need is internet to access the system.

  • Tech Support

  • We offer both online and offline tech support. Online tech support is available 24/7 to cater for urgent issues to be resolved.

Multi-user & user roles

Due to the nature of the domain, the systems are designed for different user roles to be defined and each role to be assigned different access level. Users can now be added to the system and assigned the user role to cater for different user functionality.

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