Soft Solutions to streamline medico-legal processes

From saving medical experts precious time with medico-legal report writing, to streamlining the flow of instructions for medical agencies involved in dealing with solicitors and medical experts. We have solution to cover all aspects - from instruction being received to report generation and finally to treatment provided.

  • Medico Legal Report Writer

  • An intuitive web-based report writer, built with intelligent questioning to generate a report and csv as per the MOJ guidelines in under 10 minutes. Now with Addendum report and P35 report writer.

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  • Case Management System for MRO with Compliance Manager

  • A comprehensive Case Management System for MROs for Increased productivity and streamlined processes. Now with updated compliance manager, to assist with data export as per MedCo requirements. Available as standalone or linked with medico legal report writing system for streamlined communication and management of Medical Experts

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  • Case Management System for Admin Agencies

  • A comprehensive Case Management System for Admin Agencies to streamline the communication and instruction flow from the referrers to medical experts and making it convenient for the admin staff to manage appointments using the online diary and advanced financial accounting.

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Salient Features

  • Web Based

  • Secured

  • Portability

  • Communications

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Accounts

Remote therapy solutions

A convinient way to provide therapy sessions remotely so the patients can perform the exercises whenever and wherever they want. A platform for physiotherapists to create daily/weekly/monthly therapy plan for their patients. With a dedicated portal, patients to receive all the exercises (audio, video or descriptive) prescribed for sessions received as prescribed. Patient to provide feedback for expert to tailor the future sessions if needed.

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